Your Customers Don’t Care About You!

Yesterday we talked a little bit about how customers don’t care about you. They only care about what you can do for them.

I just got done writing some sales copy for a drone manufacturer. It is a really cool gadget. Carbon fiber and aluminum body, 2.2-pound payload, 13,200 MaH lithium battery. Awesome, huh?

But what the heck does that mean to me as a potential customer? Not much.

The drone company’s current sales copy was full of really cool features, but almost none of it would be intelligible to the average consumer.

I did a quick rewrite, focused solely on the customer.

Carbon fiber and aluminum body? Yep, so that the drone is lightweight, which allows it to carry a payload of up to 2.2 pounds.

2.2-pound payload? That’s right, so you can mount a variety of accessories and not worry about it. Cameras, mapping sensors, 3D imaging. All sorts of cool stuff that most drones don’t have the ability to carry.

13,200 MaH lithium batteries. Great, now you can conduct extensive mapping surveys with your sensors and camera, without worrying about your drone running out of juice.

Do you see the difference? Features are great, but you have to tie the benefit of those features DIRECTLY to the customer so he knows why he needs it.

So when you’re marketing to your potential clients and customers, put them first and tell them why your service will benefit them.

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