How to Write So People Pay Attention

Quick… let me ask you a question.

What is the purpose of copywriting?

If you said anything other than to make a sale… you’re wrong. Sorry, thanks for playing.

OK. So now we know what our goal is.

In order to make the sale or get your prospect to take the action you want him or her to take, you’ve got to keep them reading your sales letter, website, Landing Page, or whatever medium you’re communicating your message through.

But just how do we keep them reading?


Keep Your Reader Riveted to Your Copy

What most new copywriters forget is you can have the most compelling offer available. Your product or service can be better, faster, cheaper, and cooler than your competitor.

But if the prospect doesn’t read your message — they’ll never know it. Because your writing bored her to death and she stopped reading after about 50 words.

That’s right. 10-15 seconds is the MAXIMUM time you have to grab someone’s attention and get them to keep reading.

If after 15 seconds, you haven’t made your biggest promise or boldest claim… they’re gone. They’re off to another article or sales piece which actually interests them.

Have a Gameplan for Everything You Write

Writing for writing’s sake does nothing. Every word must have a purpose.

A reason for existing. And that reason is to get your prospect to get closer and closer to making the decision to pulling the trigger and purchasing your offer.

David Ogilvy, Grandmaster Copywriter Extraordinaire, wrote, “it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create.”

Look — I get it. Sometimes it’s fun to just write a blog post. To express your ideas and get them out of your head.

But even if your goal in life is to have a fun blog… you’re still SELLING. 

You are selling your ideas to your readers. You are giving them information and they are giving you their time.

Don’t waste their time. Be a good copywriter and keep it interesting.