What’s In It For Me? What EVERY Customer Wants to Know

So we’ve been here in the Middle East for about 2 1/2 months so far.

I’d heard all of the horror stories about how freakin’ hot it would be, but I’m sitting in my room right now wrapped up in a fleece jacket because it’s about 35 degrees outside.

“Don’t worry, the heat’s coming,” the old-timers keep telling me. Maybe it will, and I’ll look back on these days with fond memories. But for now, BRRRRR.

Yesterday I wrote about the buddy of mine whose power washing business finally took off once we tweaked his sales letter. You remember the original one? All pretty and flowery? The one that no one gave a crap about.

Do you know why mine worked so much better? Because it focused on the CUSTOMER.

No one cares about you. They only want to know how their life will be better if they fork over their hard earned money to you.

WIIFM – What’s In It For Me?

That is the only thing going through a potential customer’s skull as he is looking at your flyer, letter, advertisement, whatever.

You have to focus EXCLUSIVELY on your potential client.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk a little bit about the difference between features and benefits.

One of them, the customer could not care less about.

The other one is the ONLY thing they care about.

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