Why Copywriting?

It’s a common question that many entrepreneurs ask as they are beginning to scale their business.

They know that in order to grow, they need to advertise, blog, or market in order to get the word out about how great their product or service is.

So they throw some money at Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, just waiting for all the money to start rolling in.

What they soon discover is that they are simply spending money with no noticeable return on their investment.

So they try email marketing. They write a cold email and blast it out to whomever they can, touting how great their stuff is, only to realize they are getting a paltry open rate, and zero true leads.

Lastly, they set up a landing page on their website.

“This is it!”, they tell themselves.

They think they’ve learned their lesson from their last AdWords debacle. They spend more money and wait for the orders to start flowing in. Nothing. Their landing page provides no leads, either.

Why aren’t they getting the results that they want? Because not everyone can write well, and even fewer people can write copy that sells.

Copywriting is an animal all unto itself. Copywriting is selling with your words. It is a combination of conversation and persuasion in type.

An effective copywriter knows how to use his words to get the appropriate arousal from the intended recipient. Does he want the reader to feel hopeful that your product will help her? Or to feel sad that her life isn’t as great as it could be, and only your service will ease the pain?

The reader needs to feel that the pain of parting with her money will be greatly outweighed by the benefit that she will receive from your product.

That is the art and science of copywriting. I can make you feel any way that I want you to. And I can make sure that you see the benefit of what I’m selling you.

You don’t care about the features, you care about what that feature will do for you.

Does it have green tea extract in it? Great, so what? It will reduce your cravings and give you endless energy throughout the day so you will lose weight more effortlessly than you ever imagined.

Does it merge multiple spreadsheets? Awesome, so what? It will consolidate data from multiple job sites, including supplies and financial data no matter where they reside. All without changing the Excel experience you know and love.

An entrepreneur is great at having a vision and bringing that vision to reality. But very few can write compelling copy that will turn the entrepreneur’s vision into the “must-have” product or service because it will solve the customer’s pain.

People will pay anything to make their pain go away

A copywriter will show them how your product or service will make it go away.

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