The Lazy Business Owner’s Way to Double Your Sales

School’s in session… so listen up.

If you want to double (or more) your sales, income,and all-around chance of building a successful business, print this email out, hang it on your wall, and apply these tips to double your business (starting TODAY!)

1. Be investor-minded, not opportunity-minded – This means taking the long game. Don’t chase shiny objects. Make your plan, believe in the plan, and stick to the plan… until the plan proves it isn’t working. And three months isn’t enough time to know if it’s working or not. Play the long(er) game.

2. Repeat what works – Develop a DEEP knowledge vs. a wide knowledge of what you need to learn. The trick is to know what to learn. But once you know it, go deep and soon you’ll be the expert.

3. Ignore basically EVERYTHING you see being taught on Facebook – Side-hustling and marketing weren’t invented by Facebook. They’ve been around a while. A lot longer than the shuckster “gurus” pitching their piles of garbage.

4. Don’t be needy with a prospect – Coming across as needy screams “unsuccessful”.

5. Read 10 GREAT book 10 times each vs. 100 books 1 time each – Find what the experts in your field recommend reading — then read them… a lot.

6. Avoid being cheap – If you need to learn something, pay for someone else’s expertise and knowledge. You’ll cut YEARS off your learning curve and avoid avoidable mistakes.

7. Practice storytelling when building your side hustle – People remember and buy stories. They trust you more.

8. To learn more about how the most successful business owners blow their competition away, email me and I’ll send you a FREE copy of my short #1 Bestselling book, 7 Secrets of Master Marketers.