Leads for Less – Gold


The Gold Plan requires a 3-month minimum commitment.



Leads for Less Gold Plan is the best value on the market for your marketing and sales efforts.

In addition to everything you get with the Bronze and Silver plans, the Gold plan includes many targeted marketing efforts to reacquire lost customers and stale prospects; employee training to teach them how to be “brand ambassadors” and reinvigorate their sales efforts; identifying opportunities to “upsell” your existing customers, increasing their lifetime value; a full-blown “shock and awe” sales and marketing funnel which covers both online and offline marketing efforts; and weekly emails to keep your customers and prospects engaged.

If you’re serious about your business and increasing your sales, the Leads for Less Gold Plan gives you the most cost effective and best value for your money.

  • 1 Hour Phone Consultation
  • Write Powerful and Attention Grabbing Facebook and Google Ads
  • Monitor and Optimize Your Ad Performance
  • Create a Full Online Sales Funnel including a Landing Page, Upsell Page, and a 3 email autoresponder series
  • Continuous Optimization of Funnel and Ads for 30 Days
  • Identify, Create, and Monitor Facebook and Google Ad Audiences
  • Employee Training
  • Reacquiring Lost Customers
  • “Shock and Awe” Sales Funnel
  • Identify Multiple Upselling Opportunities
  • Weekly Emails to Customers & Prospects

Because of the comprehensive nature and “total marketing effort” the Gold plan requires, there is a 3 month minimum commitment.

By purchasing today, you will still enjoy your 14-day money back guarantee.

You will be billed $1,299 each month until you choose to stop increasing your sales and customer base.