The Powerful and Proven Way to Get Your Copy Read

Be honest… how many of you clicked on the article because of the headline?

Who doesn’t want to discover a “secret” and powerful way which will magically make your prospects want to read your copy…

Well, the first mini-lesson is this article is — first, you have to get your prospect to click the article.

A strong headline which promises a benefit to the reader is an almost irresistible draw for someone looking for information.

You Have to Make the Copy Appealing to Look At

We were all taught in school… from grade school through college, to minimize the use of bold, italicized, and underlined words.

We were told it detracted from our message and they should be used in only extraordinary circumstances.

But to keep your reader interested, you have to write like he or she talks. And when people talk, they emphasize words. They have long… pauses in their speech. Sometimes in really weird spots.

God forbid a college professor ever caught you using the dreaded — hyphen.

But to the copywriter, these are tools which help the flow of our copy sound more conversational.

Copywriting Should Sound Like You’re Talking to a Buddy at the Bar

No one I’ve ever met sounds like an English paper when they talk… Hell no.

They GET LOUDER when they’re excited.

They verbally underline important points they want to make.

And when they want you to come to a conclusion yourself, they simply…

A few other ways to keep your copy easy to read is to:

  • Use bullet points. They help break up the copy
  • Make use of sub-headings so the reader can skim them and get the gist of the copy
  • Write in short paragraphs, not long monologue which drags on forever

Try it next time you’re writing a sales piece. Simply pretend you’re talking to a friend at dinner.

It really is that simple. And it makes your sales message so much more believable.