Are Your Waiting Room Chairs Lonely?

Email and digital marketing get you more patients for less money. But it takes time and expertise. So we handle everything for you.

If you’re paying more than $10 per new patient lead… you’re paying too much!

It costs the average dental practice $100 to get a new patient using the traditional ways of marketing… direct mail, Yellow Pages, newspaper ads, even GroupOn.

But we work with dentists to use hyper-targeted online advertising to send you new leads who are actively looking for a new dentist.

No more searching for a needle in a haystack. Now you’ll simply advertise right to the needles!

Let’s Talk

How would it change your bottom line if you got new patients each and every day for less than $10?

This is exactly what I do for my clients. Using the time-tested approaches of hyper-targeted marketing, you will cut your patient acquisition costs to almost NOTHING, keep your waiting room full, and never worry about your marketing again.

Fill out the short form at the top of the page and let me know when you’re available for a quick talk.

I’ll explain how I will pay, out of my own pocket, to get you a new prospect… and be able to tell you down to the penny how much it cost.

Once you see just how inexpensive this marketing campaign is, I know you’ll be all-in and ready to take your practice to the next level.

So remember, fill out the short form, spend just 3 minutes reading about this powerful method of patient acquisition, and I’ll follow up to talk more in detail at your convenience.

Don’t keep wasting your marketing dollars on old, ineffective methods.

Let me show you how to cut your marketing costs by up to 83%.

  • Hyper Targeted Marketing to Only People Who Are In Your Immediate Area
  • Advertise to People Who Are Looking For a Dentist RIGHT NOW
  • Create a “New Patient” Offer to Get Them to Come to Your Office
  • Stay in touch through email marketing
“You’ll get the exact same strategies I use with other dentists, just like you, to cut your marketing costs and keep more money. Let’s talk today…I’ll even pay to get you your first new patient!


Brooks Rembert
Copywriter & Digital Marketer