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One of the most heartbreaking conversations I’ve ever had in my life was with my best friend, Geoff, about two year ago.

I was at his house for dinner… his wife makes an AMAZING lasagna… when he told me he was about to shut down his landscaping business.

Even worse, if he couldn’t find a “real” job soon, he and his wife would have to file for bankruptcy.

That would also mean downsizing their home — and pulling their two young girls out of school — to move to a less expensive neighborhood.

Emily, his wife, would have to find a job, meaning after-school care for their girls… more expenses.

I had to ask him what had happened. For years, he’d been running a pretty successful lawn care business.

He had three or four crews and was making decent money… working for himself… nice house, two vacations a year… newer cars.

He told me the problems started when the “big guys” started muscling him out of his market.

With their HUGE advertising budgets, they were able to canvas the town with ads and undercut him on all his jobs.

I felt so bad for him and I knew I had to help.

More importantly, I KNEW I could help.

You see… I’m a direct response copywriter. What does that mean?

It means I write advertising and marketing material for businesses who need to sell stuff.

And lots of it.

So Geoff and I started right then and there… over two huge pieces of lasagna and more red wine than we should have had… to craft a marketing campaign to save his business, his family’s house, his family’s very way of life.

How did we do it? Keep reading to find out…

Suddenly, Their Unfair Advantage is Gone!

Here’s Geoff…

“I honestly don’t know what we would have done without Brooks.

I was literally days away from closing up shop… laying off my workers… and talking to a lawyer about filing for bankruptcy protection.

I felt like a total failure. Things had started off so good. Since going into business, we had steadily grown.

Sure, we went through some scary times at the beginning — unsure if we’d made the right decision — but over time, the business grew and we were making really good money.

Then a big landscaping business decided to enter our market. The effects were immediate. They were advertising all over the place… radio, billboards, mail, you name it, there they were.

They were undercutting my prices sometimes by 50%!

How the heck was I supposed to keep up?

But that’s right where Brooks started… he told me that people place more stock in receiving great VALUE… not just on price alone.

We stayed up for hours as he explained to me the “secrets” that marketing companies used to help customers like my competitor dominate a market.

Specifically, he told me there were 7 secrets… tips, tricks, hacks, and methods… that have been around for 100 years which can completely turn a business around.

Some of them sounded too easy or too obvious — but believe me, that doesn’t make them any less powerful.

Brooks asked me to hold off on closing down my business for two weeks.

I didn’t think there was any way he could turn things around in just two weeks, but I agreed.

On Monday, he told me he was done writing my “new and improved” marketing pieces.

I got them to the printer to create the mailers.

On Thursday, I sent out a mailing. I also sent out an email blast to all of our customers and former customers.

I had no idea what to expect. But within 15 minutes of hitting “send” on my email blast, I got a phone call. It was from a previous customer who asked for me to send a crew out the following Monday to begin work again.

On Saturday, I started receiving phone calls from the mailer I’d sent.

I had mailed 5,000 letters. My historical response rate was anywhere from .5% to 1%.

At the end of the week, I’d fielded 300 phone calls! That’s a 6% response rate!

60 of those turned into customers right there on the phone.

I had to actually go out and hire another crew to keep up with all the new accounts.

I was COMPLETELY blown away.

Brooks has been a friend for years, but what he did… saving my business, my home, my life… has made him a brother.”

Astonishing Results are Easy to Achieve

As amazing as Geoff’s results are… it’s really not that different from the results I get for all my clients.

When it comes down to it, your customers just want to know  you are providing them value.

I promise, they aren’t hung up on price. If you charge $40 to cut a lawn and your competitor charges $20… the customer won’t pick your competitor if you’re able to show her you provide a better value.

The 7 secrets I use with all my customers have been around for years. They’re based on simple human psychology.

The great ad men of the 1920s, 30s, 40s, on to this day, use these secrets to help their customers DOMINATE markets from maid service, to landscaping, to restaurants, to online marketing.

ANY business can take advantage of these tips, tricks, and hacks to skyrocket your sales.

The problem is they charge so much money for their service, ONLY the Big Guys can afford them, leaving you to get decimated and run out of business.

But by using these “secrets”,  you’ll see results in days.

Imagine having more customers than you can handle. What a great position to be in… do you turn down new work, or do you raise your prices?

I’ve been a direct response copywriter for years. I charge my customers a LOT of money.

But these are the same secrets I use to turn businesses around EVERY DAY.

I’ve written sales and marketing letters for software companies, weight loss companies, online fitness stores, personal trainers, chiropractors, dentists, life coaches, you name it, I’ve probably written for the niche.

And I’ve been very fortunate to work for some of the best clients in their respective fields.

Great experience with great tips on how to better my conversions! I really appreciated the thoughtful work he put into my product and made it his own.

—Clarence Gleton

My Main Copywriter! Awesome Job

—Kevin Prudhomme

My experience with Brooks was beyond my expectations.

—Jason Lappe

Excellent experience. I hired Brooks to create copy for a nutritional supplement. Great to deal with and quality product was delivered.

—Kris Davis

He was absolutely PHENOMENAL! Top notch communication, delivered so super fast, and was exactly what I needed! I highly recommend him!

—Terra Bruns

Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!

—Ramir Milay

Look, I’ll be honest with you… I normally charge $500 just to consider writing an ad, marketing piece, webpage, or sales letter for a client.

Like I said earlier — good copywriters don’t come cheap.

But I’m also not naive. I know that a lot of hardworking business owners and entrepreneurs can’t afford those kinds of prices… and precisely at the time they need me the most.

That’s why I’ve wrote The 7 Secrets of Master Marketers.

This short ebook contains the 7 most powerful tips for creating marketing pieces and offers that your prospects will drool over.

They’ll literally be throwing money at you to give you their business.

With these 7 secrets, you can know more than  90% of your competitors on how to position yourself and your business as the absolute BEST VALUE, regardless of your price.

And believe me… the type of customer you WANT is the one who sees value in what they purchase… not just the sticker price.

Plus, by purchasing The 7 Secrets of Master Marketers, you’ll also receive my monthly newsletter which is filled with the latest PROVEN, POWERFUL, and PERSUASIVE techniques to keep your cash register ringing.

Like I said earlier, my price normally starts at $500 with a new client.

And my newsletter costs $97 per year.

But by ordering The 7 Secrets of Master Marketers, you can get it AND my newsletter for only $27.

For just $3.86 per secret… less than a latte… you can know more than practically all of your competitors and soon they’ll be like the boxer on the ropes… just trying to stay in the fight as you clean their clocks, day after day.

Plus… I’m so confident you’ll learn more about marketing and sales in this ebook, you’ll get my 100% iron-clad money back guarantee.

Take 60 days to read it and try the secrets… if you aren’t TOTALLY satisfied, simply let me know and you’ll get your money back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

What can be more fair than that?

All you have to do is click the button.

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Start owning the business you’ve always dreamed of.

These are the same tips and techniques I use when I write sales copy and marketing messages for my clients… the ones who pay me hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

Don’t wait… every day you do, your competition is catching up and taking your customers away.

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