Lack of Money Destroys Woman’s Marriage

A while back, I got to talking to a lady who’s lack of money destroyed her marriage

You see, she and her husband had been married for about 4 years.

He was a software developer for a small firm, so didn’t make Silicon Valley-type outrageous money.

She was a budding entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, she fell for practically every “shiny object” which came along and rather than being a true entrepreneur, she was more like a Wantrepreneur.

Because of this, she spent TONS of money on every GURU’s products on the market.

She invested in EVERY piece of software which she thought would funnel her customer’s money right into her bank account.

After a while, hubby started getting pretty annoyed at the amount of money she was “wasting” every month while not seeing any results or benefits from it.

Ultimately, it led to their marriage ending.

Her desire to be in business, but lack of focus and follow through destroyed her marriage.

And, now she spends all her time alone, and has given up on starting a business.

She got so down, she started gaining weight and stopped caring.

Now, she’s all alone, bitter, and depressed.

Anyway, I bring this up because money troubles can go beyond the obvious.

It’s why I’m always testing, developing, and implementing new marketing and sales techniques to grow mine and my clients’ businesses.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wind up like that lady.