I Gave Her a GIFT!

I just got finished writing a Landing Page for a client. She’s a business consultant based in Singapore who is marketing to business owners who are struggling with profitability and looking for ways to get back into the black.

She’s advertising on Google, Facebook, all the usual places and driving them to a Landing Page to try to get them to sign up for a free Business Strategy Session.

Here current page is AWFUL!!! It’s filled with “I’ll do this”, “These are my qualifications”, “I”, “I”, “I”.


What’s In It For Them?

Who knows, she only talks about herself.

I wrote this copy for her for a ridiculously low price. But I GUARANTEE her sales will shoot up exponentially.

Here’s what I wrote.


How to Save Your Company in 60 Seconds

If you give me one hour, I’ll give you a comprehensive plan for turning your company around.

You see, I know why you’re here. Believe me, I was in the same position and frame of mind as you are now about 5 years ago.

I had started my own business and thought things were going well, until one day, they weren’t.

I couldn’t believe that just a few short years into my dream, I was already on the brink of financial disaster.

I sat down to go through each and every aspect of my company with a financial scalpel. I was like a doctor, examining each and every symptom, then looking for the cause.

Then I found it!

 One simple mistake was costing me nearly ALL of my profits!

Within months, my business profitability was skyrocketing and I was exceeding my expectations quarter after quarter.

Now, I am sharing everything that I’ve learned through trial and error with you.

You really can save your company in just 60 seconds. Just fill out the form below, hit submit, and you will be on your way to a turnaround.

 Sometimes All it Takes is a Second Set of Eyes

We will set up a time, usually about 30 minutes to an hour, for a FREE, no obligation, Business Strategy Session.

We’ll discuss your business goals and challenges, and find the root causes behind your company’s poor financial performance.

Simply put, I will identify what’s affecting your company growth.

Let me ask you. If I’m able to take a holistic view of your company and find solutions to your biggest problems, is that worth the 60 seconds it takes to fill out the form down below?

After we talk, I will put together a clear and effective strategy to achieve success and turn your business around.

There is absolutely no risk. If you are not 100% satisfied, you will NEVER pay a dime.

Take the first step to success. Fill out the form below and let’s get to work, together.


Are you starting to see the difference? Sure, there is a story about her at the beginning. But it’s a story to introduce herself, not to talk about her credentials, etc.

All right, that’s enough for today. Have a great rest of your week.