How to Write a Good Ad

Let’s learn how to write a good ad.

Business owners MUST have sales… cash coming in… to survive.

And for hundreds of years, the best way to get sales is to advertise.

But what exactly makes a good advertisement? I mean, something as simple as the sign on your store is, technically, an advertisement.

Someone driving by sees it, and if you offer something they want or need, they may stop in.

But real advertising needs to reach thousands of times more people than those simply driving by. This is where newspaper and magazine advertising come in.

Even good old direct mail. Which done right can be the BEST way to bring in throngs of new customers.

So How Do We Write a Good Ad?

So glad you asked.

Over the next several posts, I’ll dive into answering this question, but according to the late, great Victor Schwab, a great ad has to do 5 things.

  1. Get attention
  2. Show people the advantage you offer
  3. Prove it to them
  4. Persuade them to believe your advantage
  5. Ask for an action

Ta-da. That’s all a great ad has to do. But, it’s easier said than done. And starting with my next post, we’ll do a deeper dive into each of the 5 elements.

Until then, I highly recommend hopping online and grabbing a copy of his Victor Schwab’s book, How to Write a Good Advertisement. It’s your homework assignment for next time.