How to Start Your Side Hustle Without Spending Any Money

This is going to be a bit of “stream of conscious” writing because I’m a little tired and don’t feel like proofreading and editing after my little fingers finish tickling the keyboard.

So… starting a side-hustle for free…
Is it really possible?
Let me tell you a quick story.
You might not know I’m in the National Guard and a while back I was on a deployment to Kuwait.
Working at a high level headquarters like I was meant I had a cushy office job and plenty of free time. (As deployments to the Middle East go — it wasn’t bad)
Anyway, I decided I needed something to fill up my evenings. I’ve always been a decent writer so I decided to hang my shingle on a freelancing gig website.
To my surprise… it took off pretty quick. To the point I was able to pay for a $10,000 Disney World vacation with cold hard smackers.
I started off copywriting… writing sales letters and emails for clients.
Eventually I started with digital marketing, facebook advertising, etc.
Then I linked up with a few other freelancers to offer some graphic design work to my clients so now I was a “full-service” marketing firm… mostly.
Next thing you know… I’m doing OK.
How much did it cost me to get started?
Well… not entirely true. I had to pay for the internet.
But we’re paying for it already anyway aren’t we?
My point is, if you have an idea — or maybe just a desire — to start your side hustle, just do it. It costs you nothing and if you don’t gain traction… try something else.
Be a dog walker, house cleaner, landscaper and advertise on Craigslist… FREE!
Resell vintage stuff… denim, collectibles, etc… on eBay… FREE!
Just don’t let the belief you need money to get started stop you from actually getting started.
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