How to Attract Customers by NOT Giving Away Freebies

There’s a guy who I consider somewhat of a mentor and what he told me about marketing to customers COMPLETELY changed my business.

The funny thing is — most business owners are terrified to try this, because it goes against EVERYTHING they’ve been taught by the so-called GURUs.

They tremble in fear when they hear it, convinced it’ll ruin their tiny little business which is just barely off the ground.

(which is why so many new business owners and side hustlers FAIL and whine about not getting customers to actually pay them any money)

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah…

This mentor of mine.

Anyway, what was this SECRET piece of advice he gave me?

It’s simple:

Don’t give stuff away for free.

Totally not what you’ve probably heard before, right?

Especially if you’ve bought GURU garbage and listened to their advice.

But trust me — it works like gangbusters.

Here’s why…

You’re in business to make money, right?

This isn’t just some hobby you started to fill your time?

You have products or services which people need to make their life somehow better.

You’re a professional, so you MUST be paid like a professional.

If all you do is give most of your information away free, that’s what your prospects will come to expect and they’ll cry and fuss whenever you ask them to pay for something.

You’ll attract the WRONG type of customer.

But there is a certain context to all of this.

You need to know when to give something away for free (in VERY specific instances, it’s OK).

And how to do it effectively to build up your rabid customer base who buys everything you put in front of them.

And it’s all found in next month’s issue of The Money Game.

Learn it.

Apply it.

And yes, count your money all the way to the bank.

A whole new life awaits when you know this.