How to Argue With Idiots

OK, so most of the time, it’s probably not the wisest thing to do. I mean, there is the old saying about wrestling with a pig and getting dirty.

But sometimes, people are so far off the mark when they give other people advice.

Particularly when they’re telling other business owners how to increase their sales… I have to step in… I can’t take it.

You can’t simply attack an idiot head-on though. They’re wily creatures, able to move and dodge.

Attacking them head-on just makes things escalate quickly and then devolve into a big ol’ cussin’ match.

Tear Down Their Wrong-Headed Info Bit by Bit

Instead of taking the idiots on directly, I like to simply write about some wrong information I’ve seen them float around. Then I just refute it, point by point.

Look… you hear the so-called “experts” talk about how to get more sales.

The problem is… their adviceĀ is almost ALWAYS wrong.

Getting more sales isn’t hard.

Tell your prospect you understand her problem.

Let her know about your solution.

Tell her what she needs to do to take advantage of your help.


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