So there is this guy I know who wanted to start up his own power washing business. There were a few very nice neighborhoods in his town and he knew that these types of homeowners take great pride in keeping up the appearance of their property, so he thought why not.

He went out, bought the very best power washer he could afford and hit the streets.

Things didn’t go well.

He started off by visiting neighborhoods and literally knocking on doors. After an entire weekend of having the door slammed in his face, he was beaten down by the rejection.

There had to be a better way. He had heard of other service companies having some success with sending out postcards and mailers, so he spent the next week on his computer coming up with beautiful designs that would wow his potential clients.

After several days, he finally thought he had the right piece and had 500 copies printed up. He spent the next day putting address labels on all 500 of them, then dropped them off at the post office and waited for his phone to start ringing off the hook.

Nothing happened. Like, literally nothing. He didn’t get a single call.

Who wouldn’t love getting a postcard like this?

Obviously, no one loved it.

My friend was very disappointed and thought about returning the unused power washer to get his money back and cut his losses.

But luckily, he called me first.

We’ve known each other for years, so I felt very comfortable telling him that his marketing efforts were horrible, his postcard was awful and that I wouldn’t have called him either.

“You’re not making me feel any better,” he told me.

I explained to him that it’s simply human psychology. People think that they want to see pretty marketing pieces that are visually appealing, but what they really want is INFORMATION and to know what’s in it for them.

WIIFM – What’s In It For Me

Memorize that. That will be the single most important piece of information you can learn that will make your marketing efforts so much more effective.

I told him to give me some time and I would make him a sales letter free of charge.

After a couple of days, I emailed him to give him the letter and told him that before he blows it off because it looks “ugly”, to just test it out.

“Don’t even spend money on stamps. Drive around the neighborhood and just stick them in mailboxes,” I told him.

He did as I asked him and he’s been thanking me ever since. He dropped those 100 letters off in his target neighborhood, and that very day, he got his first call.

After three days, he’d booked 6 appointments. That is a 6% close rate which is fantastic in the marketing world.

So what was the magical piece of marketing that I gave him?

“Informative” beats “Pretty” every time when you’re trying to market to someone.

Now, with referrals and his continued marketing efforts, he’s bringing in over $13,000 a month in revenue, and his only real expense is gas for his power washer and his truck.

So are you ready? With just a little know-how and some effort, you can blow your business up, have more customers than you can handle, and start making some real money.

Click here and let me know how you need help. We can work together and you’ll will get a customized sales letter that you can mail, hand out, or stuff in boxes that will get your phone ringing and start changing your life.

And I’ll make it super easy for you.