A Copywriter is Born


Copywriting is my metier. Look it up if you don’t know the word.

So there I was. That’s the beginning to most great stories. But really, there I was.

My National Guard unit had been mobilized for a deployment to the Middle East. Nine months of monotonous duty, day after day. Wake up, go to work, work out, eat dinner, go to the barracks, watch some Netflix, then go to bed.

Groundhog Day, every day.

I started thinking of some things I could do to keep my mind off missing my family. Lots of Soldiers were starting to play in sports leagues. Then they started dropping like flies. I’m no Spring Chicken, so I didn’t want to run the risk of getting myself hurt.

What else to do? Well, I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit, much to my wife, Buket’s, dismay. Several failed startups, but she has always let me try to shoot for the stars.

I’ve always known I’m an above-average writer; I even have a novel under my belt. You can check it out on Amazon here.

You’re still here? Well, there’s $2 I won’t get.

I’ve always been fascinated with the art and science of copywriting. To me, it’s fascinating that this field has been around since practically the beginning of moveable type and it continues to be as effective today as ever. The mediums have changed, but the concepts are the same.

I decided to give it a go and hung out my shingle on Fiverr.com. Sales letters, email sequences, anything related to sales copy, I’d do. And do you know what? I surprised even myself and ended up being pretty darn successful.

In my first 30 days, I had over $500 in orders from people looking for all kinds of copy. I would basically write anything just to get the experience. But over time, as is natural I think, I gravitated towards a particular niche. Mine was the long-form sales letter, email sales letters, landing pages, and other forms of persuasive writing.

I can’t say the rest is history just yet because it’s still early in the game. But I’ve exceeded my goals so far and I really enjoy what I’m doing.

Simply put, my writing sells stuff.

My writing style isn’t for everyone, but it gets results.

If you need a customer to take action, I’ll make it happen.

Trust me, my stuff sells your stuff.

If you’re ready to blow up your sales, click here to contact me and let’s get to work!