Want to Know How My Clients Achieve 43% Open Rates and 14% Click Through Rates?

If So… Then Read On

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Have you ever wondered how other online marketers seem to be making money hand over fist selling their products or services online?

If you want to be a successful online entrepreneur… and I’m sure you do, or you wouldn’t be here reading this, after all… you know your #1 priority is getting qualified leads and prospects through your funnel

But do you know what the most important part of your entire funnel is?

The one thing which will make or break your success?

  • The Facebook or Google Ad? Nope
  • Your Squeeze Page? Hardly
  • The Freebie you offer? Nah

It’s the copywriting itself!

Your copy has to resonate with your prospect

It has to point out the pain they’re currently experiencing.

And it MUST show the ease of your solution to their problem.

That is how you get your prospect to enter the top of your funnel and come out the bottom as a paying customer.

Excellent experience. I hired Brooks to create copy for a nutritional supplement. Great to deal with and quality product was delivered.
—Kris Davis

Turn Your Prospects Into Customers With Great Copy

One of the easiest ways to know if your funnel works, besides actual sales, is to look at the success of the email autoresponder.

I recently started working with a client who provides financial literacy training to women.

We just started her funnel… but look at these email open rates and Click Through Rates!


Another client of mine is in the fitness industry. He offers a complete physique transformation program and he is KILLING it. The fitness industry is extremely competitive… but these results speak for themselves.


Look, persuasive sales copy is what makes the difference between a winning campaign which will keep filling your pockets with cash for years… or a busted campaign.

Let me write your funnel for you. I use the time and tested methods which GET RESULTS.

He was absolutely PHENOMENAL! Top notch communication, delivered so super fast, and was exactly what I needed! I highly recommend him!
—Terra Bruns

Introducing the Funnel Filling Copy Package: My Exclusive Offer Just For You

When you order my complete Funnel Filling Copy package, you’ll get:

  1. 1 Facebook ad
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  3. 1 Landing Page of up to 600 words
  4. 1 One Time Offer Page to upsell your prospects, up to 600 words
  5. 7 emails for your autoresponder to convert leads into paying customers, up to 150 words per email

For a complete package like this, I normally charge over $850.

But for this limited time offer, you can get your complete Funnel Filling Copy package for

ONLY $497

And… by ordering TODAY, you’ll also receive, as my guarantee of your satisfaction, a 30-day review to make tweaks and optimize your copy, if needed.

These reviews cost my clients $150 — but it’s my commitment to you your funnel will perform its absolute best.

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