For Pete’s Sake, Write More Interesting Copy!

Nobody like reading boring articles or sales letters. You know the ones I’m talking about… they’re written in one long, continuous paragraph.

They’re hard to read.

With no visual breaks for your eyes.

So you simply decide that it’s too much effort. And stop reading.

Spice Up Your Copy!

In addition to making your copy more visual appealing for a reader, thus making them MUCH more likely to keep reading, you have to make it more interesting.

And believe me… you can make almost anything more interesting.

I once wrote a sales package for a drone company. Now granted, drones are pretty cool, but when you start talking about the specs of the drone, things can get snooze-worthy really quick.

David Ogilvy, the Godfather of Copy, once said, “Tell the truth but make truth fascinating. You know, you can’t bore people into buying your product. You can only interest them in buying it.”

So, Brooks… How Do I Do That?

It’s pretty easy, actually. We’ve already covered one important way. Make the copy easily scannable and readable.

Next, when you’re writing, you must use you own distinct personality. The best piece of advice I ever read about writing to sell is to “write like you would talk — if you could edit out all the¬†mistakes.”

The point being… write conversationally. Don’t write like a robot. Even in business writing, stop being so formal sounding!

And please, make it entertaining. You can go a long way just by writing conversationally, but also throw in some stories, some humor, or some fun facts.

When you’re writing to sell, you still have to build rapport with your prospects. No one likes a stiff, boring salesman with no personality. Inject your personality and style into your writing.

But more on that specific topic next time.

So let’s call it a wrap for today.

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Talk to you soon.