12 Hours Can Be An Eternity

Most of you probably aren’t aware, but I’ve been in Kuwait for the last 8 months or so with my National Guard unit.

We were supposed to be flying back to America today, but as fate would have it, our flight got delayed by 12 hours.

12 hours may not seem like a lot of time in the grand scheme of things, but when you’ve been baking in 120-degree heat and away from your family for so long… believe me, it’s a lot of time.

That got me thinking… 12 hours really is a long time. In 12 hours, you can completely redesign your company’s entire marketing plan.

12 Hours to Create a New Business

You can create a new website, including all of the copy.

You can make new brochures, sales letters, and an email marketing campaign.

How do I know?

Because I’ve done each of those jobs for clients.

They were different clients, but I did each of those tasks and it took less than 12 hours.

Imagine spending just one weekend working on your new marketing plan.

Isn’t it worth it? Give up just one weekend of your time to create a whole new image and marketing plan which can make your business take off.

So… this weekend… no excuses.

Sit down and think about all the things you need to do in order to revamp your company’s image.

  • New sales message
  • New sales letters
  • New email campaigns
  • Whatever you can think of

Draft it all out on a sheet of paper and get to work, one task at a time.

Invest 12 hours in your business now so you can reap the benefits for years.