This 1 Tip Will Make You More Money

But before I get to it, let me tell you a very quick story.

You see… I’ve got this buddy, Ryan, who flips houses for a living. He finds dumpy, rundown houses, looks up the owner and sends them a letter or postcard asking if they’re interested in selling.

Now, in order for him to make money, he needs to buy the house for as little as possible.

But he can’t totally stiff the homeowner with a super lowball offer. The owner will leave the interaction with a bad taste in his mouth. He may even be resentful — and that’s no way to run a business.

So my buddy needs to show the homeowner how it’s in his best interest to sell.

Maybe he’s an out of town landlord who’s tired of dealing with tenants.

Perhaps he inherited the home and just wants to sell it.

Whatever the circumstance… my buddy has to “sell” the homeowner on selling the house.

So on his postcards or letters, he has to get the person’s attention.. pique his interest… and get the owner to call or email him for more information.

His letters used to be bland, uninspiring, and downright boring.

“I’ll buy your house for cash”

“Quick Closing!”

“Blah blah boring”

He asked me for help. I helped.

I started by showing him just how uninspiring his copy was.

There was no emotional connection with the prospect.

He wasn’t showing the prospect how they EXPLICITLY benefit. He was making them come to the conclusion themselves.

And this, my dear friend, leads me to the 1 tip…

You must make an emotional connection with your prospect while showing him the explicit benefit of accepting your offer.

You Can’t Be Too Emotional

We humans are an emotional bunch. It stems from our desire to learn through storytelling. Or maybe it’s vice versa. Maybe because we learn through storytelling, it makes us emotional.

Regardless, when you are able to make an emotional connection with your prospect, you’re halfway to the sale.

And how do you make this connection? Tell him a story he wants to hear.

Remind him of the late night phone calls from an angry tenant because the air conditioner went out. And how he had to drive two hours to meet the contractor.

Tell him how he can have cash in his pocket in no time because by selling to you, he won’t have to hope a pray the bank approves the loan.

Have him imagine what he’ll do with all his new money. Pay off debt… take a dream vacation… upgrade his own home.

Be descriptive as you lead him through your story.

Humans make decisions based on emotions. I promise.

They buy on emotion and convince themselves they bought because of logic.

So when you’re talking to your prospects, paint a story with your words.

Make it easy for them to picture their future after they’ve bought your product or service.

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